Our Program

We are a group of community-minded volunteers providing vital assistance and support for disABLED youth residing in Brisbane, Ipswich and the surrounding areas.  We are committed to all young people with disabilities having the same opportunities as other young people.  

We focus on our ability to understand and develop the vision that the youth want to access the good things in life.   These are the things most people typically enjoy, want, expect or even take for granted.  These are achievable goals or aspirations for the youth and are within their reach.

We are individuals from diverse backgrounds who are committed to making a difference in the lives of the disABLED youth and their families.  We strongly believe in the "whole of life" concept. 

Our program focuses on the shift between the balance of power to the youth and the services on which they rely on. We place emphasis on transferring the options available to the youth rather than changing or "fixing" the youth.  We enable the youth to:

      • share the ordinary places,
      • make viable choices,
      • develop new or strengthen existing abilities,
      • be treated with respect,
      • have valued social roles and 
      • grow in relationships.

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Social support for individuals and in small groups

Your life your choice