What the youth, their parents and guardians say about us

I am a parent of a nineteen year old, energetic epileptic youth.  He has been involved with Focus on Youth Inc for several years.  Despite his unpredictable behaviour, as well as high support needs, he really looks forward to the times when he joins other youth, of varying ages, for 10-pin bowling or barbeque picnic outings.  Occasionally there is an overnight camp such as a fishing trip, where he can be included.  It has given him:

  1. Confidence
  2. Social contact
  3. Contact with other youth
  4. Improved social skills and
  5. Adventure.

Geoff has provided bus transport, supervision as well as immense skill and patience in handling him.  My fifteen year of daughter enjoys the easy-going structure and the variety of social contact compared to her usual experiences.  She has developed caring skills, while enjoying herself.  We have not met any organisation elsewhere. 

Costs have been contained and bus transport is included in the price.  This includes delivery home to the front door.  Any support provided to Focus on Youth Inc would be well used helping young people at any age when future behaviours/attitudes are being set.  Margaret Kidd

 Fifteen years ago Focus on Youth Inc was my life.  I started attending when I was eleven years old, I had no friends at school.  I was shy and had no social skills.  My parents did not enough money for outings so the point systems gained my outings.  My father joined the fundraising committee and got the money from the community for a new bus and support.  I gained so much from the group not only the skills to make friends, but working part of a team.  We washed cars on weekends to earn points to go on tours, bowling and events on weekends.  Focus on Youth Inc had not only young kids but adult kids with disabilities and as a young person learning to assist and respect everyone was the greatest lesson as young person I had learnt.  This group is still alive today because the Coordinator Geoff has spent his entire adult life helping young people and my time in this group seven years was the happiest time I had as a young person.  Today I work in the community sector in Disability Youth and Child Protection.  Put your child through this group.  I had a blast.  Thanks Geoff and Vera Love Sammy Powell just had my 30th.

I have admired Geoff’s work with Focus on Youth Inc during the past 24 years and have in the past, helped Geoff with some of the programs for disabled youth.  Focus on Youth Inc has blessed many families in our community providing positive, fun programs for the youth as well as much needed respite for parents and carers.  Our youth group has in the past been blessed also, with the use of the odd Focus on Youth volunteers, bus and other equipment.  Pastor Phil Cutcliffe

 In 1988-89 I was a Rotary Exchange student placed in Brisbane from Canada.  At that time, there was no internet (imagine!) and long distance calling was dear.  My culture shock was significant and at times I felt very alone.  By happy accident, I found out about Focus on Youth - I think through a poster at my school.  The group was the most welcomed I ever felt on my year long stay. We had amazing trips and outing to be sure.  The friendships I made and the warm Aussie culture that embraced me, however, because the group is supportive, kind, focused on building strong and respectful young adults - continue with me to this day.  Jo-anna (Turgeon) Lein, BC, Canada

 This is just a short note to say that many years ago my son, Mark, was a member of Focus on Youth Inc and has attended quite a few outings with them.  He always had a lot of fun and enjoyed the friendship of the people involved.  Our family is also very appreciative of the lovely food parcels we used to get from Focus on Youth Inc at Christmas time.  It was a huge help for us at the time.  We have been looking lately at things he could get involved in at the weekends and so are looking forward to once again touching base with Focus on Youth.

Thanking you.  Pauline and Mark Halupka

 What I think about Focus on Youth Inc?

 It has been almost three years now since Aston joined Focus on Youth.  I am so glad that Aston can have the opportunity to get to know most of the team members.  There are so many different activities to go to every Saturday as well as short outing during the school holiday period.

 They do what they say at Focus on Youth and take care of youth with some kind of disabilities.  They worked hard to organise the tour, to make sure every youth has a safe, wonderful holiday and unforgettable experience.

The Director, Geoff has put a lot of effort and passion towards this organisation.  I am so proud for what they have done, keep up the really great job you have been doing!  Cheers Shelley & Aston

 Thank you for a wonderful and happy companionable holiday with you lovely people.  Thank you for the lovely photographs.  Bernadine

Thank you for a lovely holiday that you planned.  I really enjoyed it and I’m sure that many others would agree with me.  The amount of work you did was really worth it and I’m sure one little hiccup is not going to stop you from coming on many more tours.  Love from Amanda-Jane

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to you for all you have done to make our special moments with Allison memorable by organising Channel 7 to film them.  All our guests at her surprise party were amazed by the filming and decided that you must be a very special person to be involved in youth work, etc.  We assured them you were.  Best wishes Leo and Mary Bailey

Many thanks for the great time I had at the Sonshine Ranch in April.  Vicki also had a wonderful time.  I am positive that Vicki also had a wonderful time.  I cannot wait to the next camp as I enjoy these specially the horse riding.  I will be able to come and help you with the organising of the next tour.  Elaina Rieck

Thanks for all your thoughtfulness and patience.  You are doing a great job with Focus on Youth Inc.  Your friends Karen and Kelly McNee

The newsletter looks really good.  Tanya and Nicol want to help with the next newsletter.  Teressa

Thank you for taking me on the camps this year.  I like you as a friend.  I have fun on the camps I go to.  Love from Linda

Thank you for looking after Craig.  He said that he had a great time.  Mavis McFarlane

The feedback from Vu was very positive. He had a really good time and had no issues or complaints. This was a big step for him to take and I’m very happy that it went so well. Please pass on my thanks to the team for assisting Vu and helping him enjoy this trip away.  Larry

The families in the disability community are lucky to have two people such as yourselves who have committed so many years to helping them.  They are privileged to benefit from your dedication.     

We hope that you take time out for yourselves to relax and enjoy the festive season.  All our best wishes, Margus and Alex

You are very welcome, I am always happy to assist. I just wanted to say thank you to you and Geoff for allowing me this opportunity to work with the youth, it has allowed me to gain more confidence and meet some incredible people so thank you very much.  Katie

Thanks for your patience and assistance with Vu; it has been so good to see him getting out of his home and joining in your activities. Vu seems a lot happier and more social these days. Larry

Thank you for taking me to camp.  I really adored it, especially the mountain climbing.  It think you are a great organiser.  The beach was beautiful but the water was a bit cold.  I like everyone in my cabin.  Danielle

Dear Geoff, I would most sincerely like to thank you.  Just to know somebody is there in time of crisis is reassuring.  You are such a wonderful person to have given so much over so many years.  Sonja

I would like to thank you for the time you have given to entertain our group with all the trips you arranged.  All year round you have given up your own time and gave us the opportunity to meet all the on the Focus on Youth Tours.  I thank you, keep well and don't  change a thing.  Thanks for everything Rachael

Dear Geoff, I am writing this letter to tell you JUST how much I appreciate and admire your dedication to everyone involved in Focus on Youth.  Kirstie and I really love receiving the newsletter and the endless phone calls telling us about what is happening in Focus on Youth.  It is so nice to be appreciated and to have someone say that simple word "Thank you"!  That is why I want to give you a big THANK YOU, because of the 100% effort you put into everything you do!  It is a shame that there is only one Geoff in this world.  And, boy am I glad to know someone as special as YOU.  Alissa

Dear Geoff, I just wanted to say thanks for a great time.  I'm looking forward to next year's Tour.  Jenny

Dear Geoff, your are a GREAT guy who gives a lot of people GREAT opportunities.  Thanks from Robert and Cathy

Dear Geoff, this is just to say that I appreciate all the trouble that you went to in order to arrange this Tour.  Lorraine and Steven

Dear Geoff, many thanks for the time and effort you put into making my holiday one never to be forgotten.  Julie-Anne

Thank you for enabling me to be part of the Focus on Youth volunteers.  I thank you for the opportunity over the last four years.  Wishing you all the best.   Lenelle